Command Tasks


Your performance during the Command Tasks phase of a military Officer Selection Board  can mean the difference between passing and failing, simple as that.

And the only way you can improve your performance is by practising with real people, on real Command Tasks (called Practical Leadership Tasks, if you’re joining the Royal Navy).  BML’s Command Task coaching course gives you the opportunity to lead, and be led, on a number of tasks, with a coach at their side to make sure individual development points are addressed.  As one delegate fed back after attending the couse, “leading the task yourself, and also observing others in the lead role, helped highlight good and bad – I am much more at ease now.”

Our Command Task Coaching Course focuses on the fundamental leadership principles of Analysis, Planning and Communication to help you maximise your performance.  We instruct and coach you in a benign and friendly environment, which will prepare you for the demands of your Officer Selection Board.


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My expectations for this course have been surpassed by well qualified, informed instructors and high quality course material.” Alex B, Hants

The course was the best and most relevant course I’ve ever been on. The instructors were friendly, accepting and very informative. Well worth the fee.” Jamie S, Bucks

I have come out with a good idea of things I can work on to improve my skills.” Pam J, Gloucs

The main reason I attended was for the command task theory and practical, both of these elements were really positive and undoubtedly helped in my preparation.” Daniel M, Leics



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